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The gorgeous queen called upon her man in the mirror, “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who has the fairest Afro of them all?” To which the Magic Mirror replied “Joune ma!” Despite her tough, no-nonsense attitude, the queen’s fro was as soft and strong as possible. Stylin’ Froz ensured that there was no prickly parts in this queen. 

Once upon a time, not so long ago, in a land pretty close to home, Stylin' was born. Waving a wand of beauty over everybody. Stylin' enhanced our hair days, so that we can all live happily ever after and spread hair love in all lands even the ones far, far away.
Beauty and the Bae Models

Beauty & the Bae

And as they began to dance, Beauty thought to herself, “Eish, he’s no Prince Charming, but there’s something about that hair that I simply can’t resist.” His long locks were so healthy, so nourished, thanks to Stylin Edging Hair Food. “A man who can care for his hair so well must surely have what it takes to come up with lobola”, she pondered. 

Stylin' Froz Queen
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The clock struck 12. “Sala Kahle” Cinderella cried, hurrying away. “Woza la!” called the Prince, “I want to look at you before the load shedding begins.” Stylin' Dredz Gel Wax held Sindiwe’s hair firm as she sprinted down the stairs. Turning back she spotted Prince Charming’s Stylez Oil Sheen still glistening from the top of the stairs.  

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Stylin' Froz Models

Little Red Riding Hood

“But window washer, what big hair you have!” she said. “All the better to ‘fro you with my dear.”Riri Red Riding Hood then realised the power of good hair. Before skipping off to grandma’s village she picked up Stylin' Froz Fro Lotion, Fro Softener and Fro Spray to make sure that she had an edge on the world just like the big bad wolf.

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Stylin' Styles Bears Models
Stylin' Styles Goldilocks Model

Bheki’s dream came true, a restaurant named after her Aunt Goldi, serving fresh hot porridge while sporting fabulous hair. Any bear or gym bunny would be welcome, as long as they were styled to perfection with new age looks held firmly in place with Stylin' Gel and Styles Holdin’ Spray, just like herself.

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Rapunzel, Rapunzel Let down your hair,” Prince Sipho called.  Rapunzel’s Gogo tried to cut her braids, but its magic was too powerful. Her regular use of Stylin’ Braidz spray shampoo ensured that her long mane was not only beautiful and shiny, but strong too.

Stylin' Braidz Rapunzel Model
Stylin' Braidz Prince Model
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Stylin' Kidz Jill Model
Stylin' Kidz Jack Model

Jack & Jill

Jabu and Jill went up the hill 

to gel their hair with laughter

With Stylin’ Kidz Multi-purpose Spray, Spray Shampoo, Little Lockz and Stylin’ Gel,Their crowns were styled forever after.

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Stylin' Froz Giant Model
Stylin' Kidz Jill Model

Jack & the Beanstalk

Fe fi fo fum, I smaak the look of an Afro man,” the Giant hollered as Jill quickly climbed down the mealie stalk. Even giants know the benefit of Stylin Kidz Spray shampoo and Stylin' Gel and cannot resist it’s lasting effects.

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